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Frequently Asked Questions

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The event includes presentations with a live Q&A with the speaker.

InfoQ Live will feature sponsored Roundtables: live panel discussions between software practitioners where attendees can ask their own questions.

Just type your question in the chat during the presentation or during the couple of minutes preceding the Q&A time and we'll share the questions with the speaker during the Q&A dedicated  time.  

Registered attendees will get access to the talk recordings included in their ticket after the event. Recordings for the Roundtables will be accessible about 48 hours after the event. Recordings will remain available for a duration of 30 days.

Roundtable sessions are co-located, sponsored virtual events happening right after the InfoQ Live sessions. They are panel discussions between practitioners, led and designed by a practitioner moderator, with an opportunity for participants to ask questions.  

Roundtables are free and open to all. Registration is required.

If you registered for InfoQ Live and would like to add a Roundtable to your ticket, free of charge


If you registered for the Roundtables and would like to purchase InfoQ Live, 

You can do so by upgrading your ticket in your account, on with the login access codes that you received upon registration. You will see the option to upgrade your ticket on this page.

Registered attendees will have to be logged into the InfoQ Live website at to access the event sessions and sponsored offers. Participants will find their log in details in their registration confirmation email (sent from If you have any issues while trying to login, please contact us at

If you don't see your registration confirmation email, try checking your spam folder. The email sender is If you need help, you can contact us at

It is prohibited for attendees to share access or login credentials. Each user will see their individual login details and meeting links in their accounts. These should not be shared.

InfoQ Live was designed as a website that serves as the main gateway to both the pre-conference as well as the at-conference experience. During the live event, the main entry point will remain to be the InfoQ Live website, from where all presentation and meeting links will be made available. No software download is necessary for ClickMeeting.

Attendees will receive a confirmation email and login details upon registrering and an additional email with instructions 3-7 days before the event. Those emails will be sent from We encourage all attendees to make sure they can log in on the InfoQ Live website before the day of the event.

During the event, registered attendees just need to be logged into their event account and click on any session from the schedule page to be directed to their session room.

At the designated time, you will find the session live stream at the top of the page.



  • Think about the questions you’d like to ask the speakers
  • Use the hashtag #InfoQLive to connect with other InfoQ Live participants

We are constantly striving to improve our presentations. Please take a second and evaluate each session you attended when prompted to. You can also edit your vote in the schedule or on your My Account page. Please note that your votes should only be in reference to the presentation content.  You have the choice of voting:

  • Green (met or exceeded expectations)
  • Yellow (lacked fundamental expectations)
  • Red (failed to meet any of my expectations)

Voting will be available after the session ends.

While you can join the event on your phone or tablet, we recommend participants to join by desktop to have access to all the functionalities and for better user experience.

Tag us with #InfoQLive, follow us @InfoQ

You are welcome to take screenshots or still photos of the slides or speaker content during InfoQ Live and share them on social media. However, it is not permitted to share any photos or screenshots that include other participants' data or personal information (name, photo, webcam...) without their explicit consent. 

If you need any support during the event, you can use the chatbot in the right corner of the InfoQ Live website or email us at and a staff member will be happy to help you.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions at

Code of conduct

Please review our code of conduct before the conference.