Frequently Asked Questions

Registration Related

What is the Cancellation and Refund policy?

Please note that your payment is non-refundable.

Where can I find Payment Information?

You can contact us for any payment questions at QCon Plus is a private event of C4Media Inc., located in Toronto, Canada. Registration fees may be subject to taxes and will be noted and displayed on your purchase record. All amounts are stated in United States Dollars (USD/$). We accept Paypal, and major credit cards. 

Only participants who have paid for the event in full will be admitted and receive access credentials. A payment charged to your credit card or Paypal account is processed directly by us in the funds stated on the website. Customers outside Canada or cards denominated in other currencies may incur foreign transaction or exchange fees from their issuing bank. C4Media does not control nor collect these fees. 

Please refer to InfoQ Live Terms of Participation for more information.


What are the Terms of Participation?

Our Terms of Participation can be found at

About InfoQ Live

What is the InfoQ Live code of conduct?

We designed InfoQ Live as a place where everyone feels safe to express themselves, learn, and succeed in adopting new technology and practices. We enforce this through the QCon Plus Code of Conduct to provide a safe and inclusive learning space for our thousands of inspiring attendees.

By joining InfoQ Live, you agree to our Code of Conduct. All QCon participants, speakers, sponsors, and staff are required to abide by our code of conduct.

Who is behind InfoQ Live?

InfoQ Live is presented by InfoQ. We’ve been helping software development teams adopt new technologies and practices for over 17 years. The driving force behind every QCon conference is our passion to accelerate the software side of human progress.

Senior software developers rely on QCon and InfoQ to keep ahead of the adoption curve. One of the main reasons senior software engineers, software architects, and team leads tell us they keep coming back to QCon and InfoQ is because they trust the information provided and selected by their peers. Join a global professional engineering community and adopt the right software innovations and practices.

Attending the live event

Will attendees get access to the presentation slides?

We are encouraging speakers to share their presentation slides to be able to make them available to InfoQ Live attendees. If the speaker agreed to share their slides, they will be made available in the schedule and on the presentation page within days.

How can I give feedback about the sessions I attend?

Please help us improve the conference for you, take a second and evaluate each session you attended when prompted to after each session. You have the choice of voting:

  • Green (met or exceeded expectations)
  • Yellow (lacked fundamental expectations)
  • Red (failed to meet any of my expectations)

Please note that your votes should only be in reference to the presentation content.

You can also vote and edit your vote for each session directly on the schedule page.

How should I prepare before the event?

Recommended for a better InfoQ Live experience:

  • Read the presentation abstracts and build your Custom Schedule  
  • Think about the questions you’d like to ask the speakers and your peers
How can I get help during the event?

If you need any support during the event, email us at and a staff member will be happy to help you.

How to enable closed captioning?

While we won't provide live closed captioning, the automatic closed captioning feature is available in Zoom and attendees can enable or disable it by clicking the CC button.

What are the technical requirements to be able to participate?
  • A laptop or personal computer
  • A strong, reliable wifi connection
  • Any required software downloaded ahead of the event (we’ll tell you 1 week prior to the event)