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ChatGPT and AI: What's Next in Large Language Model (LLM) Architectures

Since it was introduced late last year, ChatGPT has been taking the AI/ML industry by storm and completely redefined what all is possible with AI technologies and the impact Large Language Models (LLMs) can have in our day-to-day applications at work and in personal lives. Other technology leader companies like Google and Meta are releasing similar innovative products to help with next generation AI/ML based solutions.

Tools like ChatGPT can generate code based on the user's questions and solve the "right problems" whereas other tools like Github Copilot can take this generated code and help with tasks like code-completion to solve the "problems the right way."

In this 60-minute live roundtable, our expert panelists will discuss what's next in Large Language Model (LLM) architectures used in tools like ChatGPT.

We'll also discuss how these and other tools will further disrupt the AI/ML space in terms of AI as a Service, AI as a commodity, AI Gateways, and the newly emerging LLMOps to manage and govern the LLM based applications.

Join this roundtable to learn about the latest trends happening in AI/ML and ChatGPT and get a glimpse of the next-gen AI/ML technologies from the industry practitioners and subject matter experts.

Join us on Tuesday, September 26th @ 10 AM EST Register

Learn from world-class practitioners

Learn from extraordinary speakers driving change and innovation.

Nischal HP

Nischal HP

Vice President of Machine Learning and Data @Scoutbee

Atty Eleti

Atty Eleti

Software Engineer @OpenAI

Montana Low

Montana Low

Founder & CEO @PostgresML

Mathew Teoh

Mathew Teoh

Machine Learning Engineer @LinkedIn

Roundtable Moderated by

Renato Losio

Srini Penchikala

Senior Software Architect

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