Beyond Default Settings: Evaluating the Security of Kubernetes and Cloud Native Environments

In this 60-minute live roundtable, expert panelists will discuss Kubernetes' out-of-the-box security features and the broader landscape of cloud native security. With the advent and rapid evolution of cloud-based solutions, Kubernetes has emerged as a dominant force in orchestrating containerized applications, making its inherent security features a topic of critical importance.

What are common mistakes in securing a Kubernetes cluster? What are the best practices for least privilege, secrets management, and enforcement of network policies?

Join this roundtable to understand default configurations, authentication, and access control mechanisms, discussing what Kubernetes brings to the table in terms of security.

Join us on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023, 10AM EST Register

Learn from world-class practitioners

Learn from extraordinary speakers driving change and innovation.

Martin Thwaites

Michael Chenetz

Sr. Leader, Technical Marketing @Cisco

Roundtable Moderated by

Renato Losio

Renato Losio

Principal Cloud Architect @funambol


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InfoQ Live June 2023

Date: June, 27th, 2023

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