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True Observability Needs High-Cardinality

The growing complexity of architectures and applications today makes it impossible to cover all the things that may go wrong. These unknown-unknowns are an inevitable component of distributed systems in production and cannot be solved with generic system metrics or by searching through billions of unstructured logs. Being able to explore a running application is key to understanding emergent behaviours and needs to be done with as much preserved context as possible.  

In this session, I’ll cover how high-cardinality observability unleashes the exploration and debugging power required to properly and quickly understand the reality of our production systems.


Pierre Vincent

Head of SRE @weareglofox

Originally from a software development background, the rise of DevOps drove Pierre Vincent to become more involved in how systems actually run in the real world and how he could make a difference helping others care about the applications they release to production. Pierre is currently Head of SRE at Glofox, where he’s responsible for the continuous delivery platform and the operations of the cloud infrastructure.

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