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Production Readiness: Building Resilient Systems

Charity Majors has often said, “If you aren’t testing in prod you aren’t testing in reality.” How do you balance testing in production and being production-ready? Join Charity along with engineers from LaunchDarkly, Netflix, Cossack Labs, IBM, and VMware to discuss the path to production. Production Readiness: Building Resilient Systems looks at what it means to have a resilient, production apps today. Topics we’ll discuss include observability, security, the software supply chain, CI/CD, chaos engineering, along with deployment techniques such as feature flagging, canaries, blue-green deployments all in the pursuit of production resiliency.

Join us on Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 12PM EDT / 6PM CET

Moderated by

Wes Reisz
QConSF Chair, Co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, & Senior Engineer @VMware

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InfoQ live - practitioners
Adam Zimman
VP of Platform @LaunchDarkly
InfoQ live - practitioners
Holly Cummins
Senior Technical Staff Member & Innovation Leader @IBM
InfoQ live - practitioners
Anastasiia Voitova
Head of Customer Solutions, Security Software Engineer @CossackLabs
InfoQ live - practitioners
Haley Tucker
Senior Software Engineer, Resilience Team @Netflix
InfoQ live - practitioners
Charity Majors
Co-Founder/CTO @Honeycombio

Roundtable Moderated by:

InfoQ live - Moderator
Wes Reisz
QConSF Chair, Co-host of the InfoQ Podcast, & Senior Engineer @VMware

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