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Service Mesh: Past, Present and Future

Service Mesh has emerged as the latest cloud-native technology in the microservices stack -- specifically designed to solve the service-to-service communication challenges of distributed applications by abstracting the networking logic from the application code and managing it separately.

This is great within a single cluster but building and scaling resilient and highly available applications mean deploying beyond the boundaries of a single cluster to multiple clusters, and even multiple clouds. This presents new challenges in deployment patterns, configuration, routing, security, extensibility, and more.

In this talk, Idit discusses the unique opportunities presented in service mesh for multi-cluster and multi-mesh operations.


Idit Levine

Founder and CEO of & Creator of Squash

Idit Levine is the founder and CEO of, a company that develops tools to help enterprises adopt and extend innovative cloud technologies alongside modernizing their existing IT investments. The portfolio of open source and commercial products includes Gloo (community and enterprise), a next generation API gateway, Service Mesh Hub a multi-cluster service mesh control plane, Squash for microservices debugging and Unik for unikernel orchestration. Prior to, she was the CTO of the EMC Cloud Management Division and a member of the global CTO office. She has spent her career building all areas of cloud infrastructure and open source software in both startup and large enterprise companies including Dynamic Ops, VMware, CloudSwitch and Verizon.


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