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Production & Debugging in a Serverless World

Serverless computing is changing the way we write, run and even think about our code. But debugging Serverless code in the cloud has many pitfalls which we must be prepared for. In this talk we'll cover some of the main things to watch out for and the advanced techniques we can put in place to make sure that when the time comes you'll be more than prepared to debug even the nastiest Serverless production issues.


Tal Weiss

Co-founder and CTO @OverOps

Tal Weiss is the CTO and co-founder of OverOps. He has been designing scalable, real-time Java and C++ applications for the past 15 years. Previously, he was co-founder and CEO at VisualTao which was acquired by Autodesk. Following the acquisition, he served as the director of the AutoCAD Web and Mobile product line used by 12 million professional users worldwide.


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