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Creating Stability in Uncertain Times

2020 has proven to be one of the most challenging times in both our personal and professional lives. The need for stability has never been greater or more challenging to create. In this talk we will cover strategies for new scheduling demands and performance management.

Learn how to help the caregivers on your team while also supporting those who may be putting in more hours than ever. We will draw from Human Centered Design tools to make space for both personal and professional demands. This will give you building blocks to solve complex problems when there seems to be no answer.

Even when we create space for balance of our responsibilities, performance is weighing on our minds and that of our teams. Learn how to set up early indicators and working agreements that allow everyone to know where they stand. Transparency in expectations allows us to move from merely surviving to thriving.

You will leave this talk with empathetic strategies for leading yourself and team through the most challenging days of our careers.


Sarah Shewell

Director of Engineering @GravityPymts

I help teams discover what their customers need through empathy, build it with quality, and continuously improve how they do those things. When not at work I like to explore kid and dog friendly breweries and make things with my hands.


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