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2021 March Speakers

Andreas Prins
Director Engineering Mendix Data Hub @Mendix
Aaron Blythe
Organizer @DevOps Kansas City
Ana Margarita Medina
Senior Software Engineer @Gremlin
Katie Poskaitis
Staff Site Reliability Engineer
Orit Golowinski
Senior Product Manager of the Release Stage @GitLab
Carissa Blossom
Member of Production Engineering team for Eats & Delivery @Uber
Mike Burrows
Founder @Agendashift
Karishma Irani
Product Management Lead @LaunchDarkly
Richard Whitehead
Chief Evangelist @Moogsoft
Paul Snider
Senior Director, Data Platform Engineering @Cerner
Sean Davis
DevSecOps Advisor @TransUnion
Christine Yen
CEO/Cofounder @Honeycombio
Michael Hausenblas
Open Source Product Developer Advocate in the Container Service Team @awscloud
Thomas Betts
Lead Editor for Architecture and Design @InfoQ & Principal Software Engineer @OmdiaHQ
Michelle Brush
Engineering Manager, SWE-SRE @Google
Shane Hastie
Director of Community Development @ICAgile


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