State of OpenTelemetry, Where Are We and What’s Next?

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The Cloud Native Computing Foundation foundation project OpenTelemetry is a vendor neutral way to make telemetry, the collection and ingestion of logs, metrics, and traces, table stakes. With traces becoming GA in 2021 and metrics becoming GA in 2022, we’re now focusing our efforts on logs and profiles. OpenTelemetry comprises APIs, SDK/libraries, an extensible agent (called collector), as well as semantic conventions around signal naming. It makes correlating signals at the source or in-flight straightforward and with single config change you can send your signals to different backends. This talk brings you up to speed on what problems OpenTelemetry solves, gives you an overview on the ecosystem and status of various projects within OpenTelemetry and, last but not least, paints the picture of a future of an fully enabled OpenTelemetry world.


Michael Hausenblas

OpenTelemetry Product Owner and Solution Engineering Lead @AWS

Michael is the OpenTelemetry product owner and Solution Engineering Lead in the AWS open source observability service team. Before Amazon, Michael worked at Red Hat, Mesosphere (now D2iQ), MapR (now part of HPE), and prior to that he spent a decade in applied research.


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