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Simplify and Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption

Without a clear and comprehensive strategy, Kubernetes deployments might suffer many operational challenges, including security, stability, resilience, upgradeability, and governance.

Join today’s InfoQ panel to hear from different industry leaders discussing the keys to Kubernetes adoption success. They will explain how to avoid underperforming deployments and prevent excessive cost, providing concrete advice on how to overcome game-stopping barriers such as Kubernetes skill gaps.

Moderated by

Renato Losio
Principal Cloud Architect @funambol

Learn from world-class practitioners

Learn from extraordinary speakers driving change and innovation within cloud technologies. Hear their valuable insights and advice to help you with your cloud journey.

InfoQ live - practitioners
Lukonde Mwila
Principal Technical Evangelist @SUSE
InfoQ live - practitioners
Rosemary Wang
Developer Advocate @HashiCorp
InfoQ live - practitioners
Alexander Matyushentsev
Co-founder and Chief Architect @Akuity
InfoQ live - practitioners
Eric Goode
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer and Administrator @D2IQ

Roundtable Moderated by:

InfoQ live - Moderator
Renato Losio
Principal Cloud Architect @funambol

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