Securing APIs and Microservices in the Cloud

One of the advantages of microservices architecture is that teams can develop, maintain, and deploy each microservice independently. With single-responsibility, services can be scaled separately as required and with a DevOps mentality this substantially improves agility. 

How do we secure these microservices? How do we know if our APIs are secure?

Systems must be designed securely as security as an afterthought does not scale.

Looking at OWASP recommendations, join this session to find out more about how to secure your APIs and microservices in the cloud.


Stefania Chaplin

Solutions Architect @GitLab

Her experience within Cybersecurity, DevSecOps and OSS governance means she's helped countless organisations understand and implement security throughout their SDLC. As a python developer at heart, Stefania is always optimising and improving efficiency wherever she goes by scripting & automating processes and creating integrations. Stefania is passionate about DevSecOps and cybersecurity, having spoken at many conferences including; RSA Conference, ADDO, OWASP, JavaZone, JFokus,Mauritius Virtual Developers Conference, Women of Silicon Roundabout, Women in DevOps, DZone and on the Secure Code Warrior Brighttalk. She is also an active member of OWASP DevSlop, hosting their technical shows.


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