Observability Is Also Programmed

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Observability-as-Code [OaC] is a set of practices that allow develop, deploy, test and share observability assets such as detectors, alerts, dashboards as code. [OaC] provides benefits for software engineers and site reliability engineers such as eliminating toiling, sharing best practices and promoting collaboration between operations, infrastructure and development teams. Since [OaC] is a solution to the challenges that engineering teams face when they are operating the cloud, it is weird that it has not been enabled with sufficient interest by the industry. In this talk I am going to present a new methodology to adopt [OaC] in companies according to their size. Specifically, I am going to talk about the current observability landscape and how companies can adopt this as a practice among their engineering teams.


- Current Observability Landscape

- Why observability as Code [OaC]?

- What are the benefits of [OaC]?

- Why do SWEs and SREs need [OaC]?

- A methodology to start with [OaC] in your company?


Yury Niño Roa

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer @Google

Software Engineer with 8+ years of experience designing, implementing and managing the development of software applications using agile methodologies such as scrum and kanban. 3+ years of DevOps and SRE experience supporting, automating and optimizing mission-critical deployments, leveraging configuration management, CI/CD, and DevOps processes. Experience with on-premise and cloud architectures and foundations both on the coding and deploying systems. Professor of Software Engineering and Researcher. Interested in solving performance, resilience and reliability issues, using chaos engineering and studying the human errors, safety on systems and lack of monitoring and observability.

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