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Pivoting and Exploitation in a Docker Environment

Demonstrating an exploit in a Container environment (three dockers) across three different networks, I will demonstrate different pivot, vulnerability exploit, and privilege escalation techniques on all machines using Alpine linux, Gogs app, and other linux plataforms. Using Pentest methodologies such as recon, enumeration, exploitation, post exploitation. By the end of this “talk” everyone will be able to see different ways that exist in working with a single form of pivot and how to overcome different obstacles in different networks within this “new” environment called Docker.


Filipi Pires

Principle Security Engineer & Security Researcher @senha_segura

I’ve been working as a Principal Security Engineer and Security Researcher at senhasegura…I’m a Hacking is NOT a crime Advocate and RedTeam Village Contributor. I’m part of the Staff team of DEFCON Group São Paulo-Brazil, International Speakers in Security and New technologies events in many countries such as US, Canada, Germany, Poland and others, I’ve have served as University Professor in Graduation and MBA courses at brazilian colleges. In addition, I'm a Creator and Instructor of the Course Malware Attack Types with Kill Chain Methodology (PentestMagazine) and Malware Analysis - Fundamentals (HackerSec).


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