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Cloud Native Continuous Delivery on Kubernetes with Tekton

How do you continuously deliver your cloud native applications on Kubernetes? Have you heard of Tekton?

Tekton is a powerful yet flexible cloud native open source framework for creating continuous delivery systems. It is Kubernetes native thus inherently integrates into key Kubernetes facilities around scheduling, typing, decoupling, extensibility, security, among others. It is highly optimized for building, testing and deploying cloud native applications by abstracting away implementation details. It defines resources that align well with Kubernetes concepts. Tekton Step is the smallest unit and equivalent to a Container. Tekton Task is a group of Steps and equivalent to a Pod. Tekton Pipeline is a group of Tasks and equivalent to a group of Pods. Tekton enables users to standardize their continuous delivery tooling and processes across vendors, languages and deployment environments; it interoperates well with other tools such as Jenkins, Jenkins X, Skaffold, ArgoCD, GitHub Actions, among others. 

In this session, we will introduce the building blocks of Tekton and show how they fit with Kubernetes. Then we will demonstrate how Tekton works and how to use it in an end-to-end continuous delivery process. Lastly, we will show the cutting edge capabilities in Tekton to support bespoke continuous delivery use cases. In the end, attendees can leverage Tekton to rapidly build cloud native continuous delivery systems on Kubernetes giving them scalable and serverless execution out of the box. 


Jerop Kipruto

Software Engineer @Google

Jerop is a Software Engineer at Google working on Cloud CI/CD, specifically Tekton. She works on projects that enable software developers to build and ship cloud native applications. Jerop has a BSc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Jerop is also a speaker with technical talks featured in Continuous Delivery Conference (cdCon), Open Source Summit, and North American DevOps Group (NADOG).


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